Ty For CFO
Ty For CFO
The chief financial officer (CFO) oversees the Florida Department of Financial Services — a conglomeration of state agencies including the Departments of Insurance, Treasury, State Fire Marshal, Banking and Finance.  The Department of Financial Services was created by a constitutional referendum in 1998 and officially opened January 1, 2003.

The CFO's responsibilities generally overlap with those of a State Treasurer or Controller, providing accounting, auditing and payroll services to the state, managing the state's finances, overseeing its receipts and disbursement of monies.

The Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida serves in the executive branch of the state government.

The primary responsibility of the CFO is to provide supervision to the Florida Department of Financial Services, which serves as an assembly of state agencies, such as the Treasury, Consumer Services agency, Worker Compensation agency and Public Assistance Fraud agency.

The CFO works closely with the state treasurer to regulate state finance and to deliver accounting, auditing, and payroll services to the state.

In addition to the financial duties listed above, the financial officer also serves as the state fire marshal.  The CFO serves a two-year term, with no limit to the number of terms served.

Ty For CFO